• Theatre: 80
  • Voiceovers: 250
  • Films: 12
  • Television: 10
  • Commercials: 70
  • Video Industrials: 54
  • Producer: 13
  • Writer: 12
  • Director: 20 
  • Shorts: 10

Andrew has now as of May 2022 garnered 60 awards, 90 nominations, covering acting, writing and directing. Andrew Heller started in the film industry while growing up in South Africa with his mother and father. Since the age of two, he has been a part of that community which led him to his induction into SAG in 1988. From there his career grew and allowed him to work with many well-known actors and actresses. Andrew has followed his passion for the theater through his work teaching film and television with the very same enthusiasm that helped him excel throughout his career. The drive that motivates Andrew in all aspects of life has given him the inspiration needed to reach new heights, whether it’s as a Cameraman, Actor or Director, Andrews’ passion for the theater shines through on every project he is part of. When he is not working, he likes to spend his time helping others who want to grow and better themselves through knowledge and inspiration about the film industry. His latest foray is to produce a film he wrote, which is also a book called ‘A Gift of The Heart’. His aim to use a substantial amount of the net proceeds to assist children with cancer and families in need.

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